Saturday, August 9, 2014

Rotisserie Chicken

Who loves Rotisserie Chicken? If you love tender moist falling off the bone chicken this dish is for you! You will need 1 chicken (this one is about 4lbs), 1 can of low sodium Chicken broth, seasoning, and your bean ...pot. Rinse your completely thawed chicken, remove insides and place in your bean pot, sprinkle the chicken with your favorite seasoning. Pour the chicken broth over the chicken place lid on and microwave for about 30 minutes. Yes I did say microwave. After 30 minutes remove and I use a meat thermometer and check to see that the chicken is at 165 degrees. If not pop it back in for a couple of minutes until temp is 165 degrees. Oh this is so moist and tender. We serve it with some seasoned green beans, a tossed salad qnd a roll. Enjoy! But don't throw that great seasoned broth out. Let it cool and ck back tomorrow on how to use this broth, leftover chicken pieces and some items from the pantry for the best tasting home made chicken soup!

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